The Brantford International Villages Cultural Festival

This year the Brantford International Villages Festival celebrates 42 years. I still remember my first trip to the villages. I won’t tell you how long ago that was ;)

It was the Ukrania Village on Terrace Hill. An elementary school classmate was selected as a village ambassador, and told me she was dancing at her village. After seeing photos of her very beautiful costume in school I wanted to see what this was all about. I remember the smell of the food and the voices filling the air while we waited for the dancing to begin. When my friend came out I was amazed! I’d never seen dancing like that before, and I was very proud to see her honouring her culture. 

After that I was hooked. I had to see more, eat more, experience more, and the villages were the place to do that! Over the years I’ve enjoyed many of the different villages- this year there are 16 to choose from. Each has it’s own unique food, dancing, music, culture, history! (I love the food and dancing!) And a four day passport is only $10, an incredible deal that also gives you FREE transportation between villages. This year the villages are July 8-11, a perfect way to start the summer. You can pick up a passport in advance at the Brant Tourism on Wayne Gretzky Pkwy, The Sanderson Centre on Dalhousie, and Best Western Plus Brant Park Inn on Holiday Drive. They are also available at each of the villages during the days of the festival. 

This year I get to bring my young kids for the first time to create new memories and show them all of the great cultures that make Brantford special. I wonder what their favourites will be? What are yours?

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