Brantford Loves Pizza!

Maria’s. Luciani’s. Roma.

If you’re from Brantford your mouth may be watering. I’m guessing it is. I love pizza night with my family - there’s something about a food the whole family loves that makes me happy. If you enjoy a pizza pie from time to time, you may have your favourites, and they are likely some local, family run small businesses.

Classic pizza nights belonged to Robbie’s Pizza. Formerly located beside the Home Hardware on Charing Cross, I first found my love of olives. I remember their sign high above the street. School pizza day was Brick Oven Pizza, now Stromboli’s (shout out for letting us still order ‘Brick Sauce’). I still enjoy a party square from time to time.

ZaZa’s is becoming a new Brantford favourite- owned by the Pollilo brothers who grew up here in town, they also make some tasty sandwiches. And the long awaited return of Mother’s Pizza! They just opened their doors in the old Casey’s location, before that the excitement of their return on social media was evident.

What is your favourite Brantford pizzeria? - Leave us a comment!