3 Ways To Find A Deal This Season

3 Ways To Find A Deal This Season

3 Ways To Find A Deal This Season

Have you been frustrated with the bidding wars and fasted-paced market this year? We made this quick video to show you the exact advice we're giving our clients as we watch the market shift heading into the winter. Full article back on our blog: http://www.brantfordhomes.com/blog/category/3-ways-to-find-a-deal-this-season

Posted by The Brantford Homes Team on Friday, November 18, 2016

The Brantford residential real estate market has been extremely competitive for buyers this year with low inventory levels pushing prices up and causing bidding wars on many homes.

If you have been shopping for a home this year and feel frustrated with the lack of choice, how quickly the market has been moving, and getting outbid on homes - we have some good news for you!

Here are three opportunities right now in the local real estate market:

1. Look For Home With 30 Days or More on The Market

The average time to sell a home in the summer has been 14 days - home sellers begin to get anxious and nervous around 21 days when no offer has come in. Some sellers will reduce the price, while others will hold on to their asking price hoping a buyer will appear. Either way, nobody who put their home on the market in the fall will be excited about still having it on the market in the winter. These homes are ready for a 'strategic low-ball' offer. Talk to our team about how to execute this strategy

2. Watch For 'Offer Dates' To Come And Go

A common strategy this year has been to NOT allow offers on a home during the first week on the market. This is designed to allow as many people as possible to see the home and create a bidding war on the property. With the market slowing down we are seeing many sellers who are trying this strategy and not receiving any offers on the date allowed. This is a perfect opportunity to step in 1-2 days later and make an offer right when the seller is disappointed that nobody wants their house. Talk to our team about how to execute this strategy.

3. Keep Watching For New Listings

Let's face it - anyone putting their home up for sale in the winter is already showing motivation to sell. The total number of new listings coming on the market this season will be slower than the spring or summer - but you can guarantee that sellers putting their homes up for sale in the winter are not just 'testing the waters', they want it sold! On top of that there is an overall feeling of generosity and good will during the seasons and sellers may be more willing to give a good deal on their price to get a deal done. Talk to our team about how to execute this strategy.

This winter offers an amazing opportunity for Brantford home buyers to avoid the crowds and negotiate a fantastic deal on their dream home before the market goes nuts again in the spring.