Branford's Rich History

Did you know that the city of Brantford has it’s own flag?

It combines the Canadian flag with our city’s emblem, the beaver, which was adopted as the main emblem for the Town’s corporate seal by the Town Council in 1850 and has been used by the community for more than 160 years. 

Brantford has a proud history of being an industrious town. From the soap made in the Brantford Soap Works factory to combines from Massy-Harris, residents of this city built their lives around these famous and some lesser-known industries. While Brantford has seen its share of tough times through the closure of some of these factories, our tradition of being a proud and hard working town carries on in the beaver which shares these great qualities. 

You can see the flag waving along side the Canadian flag at City Hall and elsewhere around town, reminding us to honour our city’s past and the prospect of what the future holds for industry in Brantford.