Brantford: Where The Streets Have Many Names...

A city that recently celebrated it’s 138th anniversary is bound to have some interesting history and perhaps a few quirks- and that’s another thing that makes Brantford such a great place to live.

Let’s talk about our street names..

Some of Brantford’s founding citizens have been honoured by having a street named after them, but do you know who? The names Wilkes and Hardy remember some of the very first members of city council from 1877. Scarfe Ave is named for William  Scarfe, a business owner, city councilor and mayor from 1884-1885.

Tutela Heights recognizes a very small group of Native settlers who came Brantford in the late 1700s by way of Joseph Brant to escape the revolutionary war in the United States. Edith Monture Blvd is named for the only Six Nations woman to serve in WWI- she was a nurse, and lived to be 106 years old.

Colborne St was once part of the Hamilton to London Rd, and helped bring new residents to our town in the early 1800s.

And of course we now have the Wayne Gretzky Parkway.

Now for the quirks….If you were were giving someone directions you could tell them to take  Hardy Rd to Tollgate Rd to Fairview Dr to Lynden Rd. and never need to turn.

Then their is the confusing path of "highway" 24 from King George Rd. to St. Paul Ave. down Brant Ave. then over Lorne Bridge to Colborne St W - and don't forget to turn right at the lights from Colborne W to Colborne W??? Possibly the slowest route through town :)

Finally there’s Dalhousie St, unless you’re from here, then it’s Dah-loo-zie! 

Shirt by Lucas Duguid of Octopus Red and Sophia’s Bakery (King and Colbourne St)