The History of Daffodils In Brantford

Daffodils + Brantford = Beautiful

Anyone travelling around Brantford can’t help but notice the stunning golden fields of daffodils that signal the arrival of spring. They are even more welcome after our long, cold winters! It’s no accident that these flowers are the symbol of spring in Brantford.

Over 90 years ago Brantford was without a flower to call it’s own. Earnest Kilmer was a public school inspector and also head of the Brantford Horticultural Society, so he initiated a contest to allow the city to decide which bloom should be our ‘official flower’.

Local school children, whose class project was growing bulbs, favoured the daffodil. So did members of Kiwanis, Rotary, women’s organizations and city council. It was in March of 1919 that the daffodil was adopted by Brantford.

What was so special about the flower? It’s shape- botanically named the cup and corona, resemble the transmitter of an old telephone. What could represent the “Telephone City” more appropriately?