JT: I’m here with Angela, the chair of the Taste of Glenhyrst event and we’re here to talk about this wonderful event that’s going into its 19th year. Tell me a little bit about what I can expect when i come to the Taste of Glenhyrst.

AH: It’s a food and drink event, different than a lot of other food and drink events because it’s a one ticket price­ you buy your ticket then everything’s all inclusive once you arrive. We have 20 restaurants coming, 6 wineries, 3 breweries­ its outdoor under tents, it’s a great night.

JT: It’s all just out here on the lawn at Glenhyrst Art Gallery

AH: Yes, we rent a whole bunch of tents and the restaurants, wineries and breweries are under there, and we have a tent with live entertainment.

JT: Oh wow! So you have a unique theme this year, tell me about that.

AH: We’re doing Taste of Glenhyrst Marrakesh, so we’ve got a real Moroccan theme going this year. We’ll have linens, Moroccan seating, authentic live band, belly dancers, hookah lounge, a henna tattoo artist. A camel! We want to transport you to Morocco when you come here!

JT: A­ camel?!?

AH: Yes!


JT: Oh really!? That’s great! If someone’s been sitting on the fence and maybe hasn’t come to Taste of Glenhyrst before, why is this the year to buy some tickets and come check it out?

AH: Its fun­ this event is all about fun. It has all the right elements, things that people love. Food, drinks, the outdoors, live entertainment. arts and culture. It’s very social­ it would be difficult if not impossible to not have a good time here.

JT: Yeah, I agree. It’s the premiere event if you love food and drink, to come and experience it right here outdoors at the Art Gallery in Brantford. It’s really easy to get tickets, of coarse you can contact us we’ll link up to the video. And I know you guys do social media posts leading up to the event, where should people follow you if they want to see what’s going on with the event.

AH: We are on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

JT: Perfect! Thanks a lot to Angela. I know If you haven’t made it out to Taste of Glenhyrst before this is the year you want to come check it out and check out the beautiful Glenhyrst Art Gallery. We hope to see you at the TOG. 

Photo Credit: wonderfulida.ca

More on Glenhyrst...

Glenhyrst Gardens is undoubtedly one of Brantford’s prettiest places. The nearly 16-acre property along the Grand River was donated to the city in 1956 by Mr. Edmund Cockshutt. A strong believer in social philanthropy, the estate was formerly Edmund’s family home. The sign on the gate read “Visitors Welcome” and his home and gardens were open to anyone who wanted to enjoy them, often hosting outdoor plays and tours of his private art collection.

Over the years, thanks to the members of the Glenhyrst Arts Council, the centre has become the heart of culture and the arts for Brantford. Today the Gallery displays contemporary art exhibitions year round, with the current exhibit showcasing the Grand River, as well as an outdoor sculpture garden. There are also classes, exhibitions, garden and arboretum tours, workshops, lectures, special events, art rental and sales, a permanent collection of over 700 pieces of historical and contemporary works. The gift shop in the gallery space has been transformed into an elegant tea room. The Golden Teapot offers high and low tea sittings throughout the year, on weekday and weekend afternoons, at 12:00 and 3:00pm. The old Coach House is a favourite site for school trips, children and adult classes, a children’s summer art camp and artist lectures that accompany exhibitions and special events. 

Some upcoming events at Glenhyrst that are not to be missed are Family Arts Day (May 29) and Taste of Glenhyrst (June 16). The Family Arts day is a long running tradition where families can bring kids of any age out to explore the gardens and tap into their creative side with all of the free activities planned. Taste of Glenhyrst is in its 19th year- a night of food, drinks, entertainment and fun it is definitely the social event of the summer!