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How To Win In Brantford’s Hot Real Estate Market

There are three completely separate zones happing inside the red hot Brantford real estate market. Over the past 12 months our team has helped over 100 families navigate through this market and we want to show you how to win.

Each of the three zones presents different opportunities and strategies to win - so the first thing to do is learn how to know which zone a house is it when you’re considering it.

The first step is to look check how long the home has been on the market. 80% of homes sold in the past 90 days were sold in under one month.

Inside this one month time-frame there are two distinct zones of homes selling: Zone 1 (almost half the total market) is selling with multiple offers and over the asking price. The most difficult part of winning in Zone 1 is picking the winning price without being overpaying by tens of thousands of dollars.

Zone 2 (about a quarter of the total market) are homes that are selling quickly and are selling for less than asking price. In Zone 2 it's all about moving quickening and marking attractive offers.

But wait....when a home has been for sale less than one month it’s critical to understand where the asking price is relative to the current market value. Our team of local and experienced real estate experts can show you if a home has been priced under the true market value to generate a bidding war (Zone 1) or if the home has been priced in a more traditional method, slightly over the true market value (Zone 2). 

Homes that have been on the market over one month represent about 20% of the total market can represent a great opportunity to find a deal that other buyers have passed up (Zone 3). Don’t wait around for the seller to change their price reduction though, only 2% homes sold in the past 90 days reduced their asking price before selling - just make an offer!

Last but not least is the bonus zone - Zone 4. These are transactions that happen off-market and are not listed or advertised in the public database. These properties are not available to the general public so you'll need an inside connection to locate and make offers on these homes.

Now that we understand the different zones of the Brantford real estate market - let’s learn how to win in each of them. 



How To Win In Brantford’s Hot Real Estate Market - 2017


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