JT: Hey and welcome back- today we’re hanging on the couch at Moksha Yoga in the historic restored expositor building right in downtown Brantford, and i’m here with Markus the owner and one of the instructors. Markus, thanks for having us and tell us about your studio

MS: Thank you- we opened last September. It’s been an amazing experience, the community has been really receptive of us being here. We offer lots of different types of yoga, we also offer barre classes here at the studio. Its an amazing way for our community members to unwind and destress. We’ve builtilut a culture with iPhones and always being connected, with alittle bit of stress and anxiety, and we’re trying to undo that with yoga, meditation and barre classes as well.

JT: Yes, 100%- my wife and I have done some classes here, with you even, and a few things i’ve noticed like taking your shoes off on the way in, and just how calm it is here - we’re in the lobby on the couch. Quite the atmosphere, much different than your regular gym

MS: We try to create an atmosphere where people feel comfortable hanging out, we always provide free tea for anyone who comes in, encourage them to stay and get to know one another so no one has to feel like they’re going through life alone. There’s always an opportunity to get to knowsomebody who is like minded and interested in the same things as you. It’s welcome to everybody, all shapes, sizes ages- we’ve got people from very young all the way up to 80s, 90 years old- it’s awesome to be part of the community that’s accessible to everybody.

JT: It’s fantastic there’s something like that for our community. I know being green has been a big initiative for you not only in the construction f the building but also in the operation of it. Tell us about that.

MS: Everything we do we try to do with a green initiative. From the construction we tried to use minimal building materials- we left the ceiling exposed and decided to just paint that, and we did the same thing with the flooring -it gives a really cool architectural feel but it’s still very warm. In the hot room we used plant based materials for the flooring, and that keeps things as green as possible. We shut the heat down at night, we use Bull Frog power, so all of our energy we’re using on site comes from a green energy source.

JT: It’s great to have local business take that initiative. I know beinglocal is really important to you guys too, and being involved in the community with other businesses and also some charity work.

MS: Every Friday we offer a $5 drop in class and that is an opportunity for everyone in the community to participate in what we’re doing here, and also gives us an opportunity to give to different initiatives whether its a drop in centre- this moth we’re doing a fundraiser for the diabetesassociation. All the association in Brantford that need help fundraising we’re able to help by offering yoga and opening the studio to the community.

JT: Sounds like a win-win for everybody.

MS: It is, it’s an amazing oppourtunity that we have the space to be able to give and give back to the community as well.

JT:So if someone’s interested in trying out a barre or yoga class and hasn’t been here before where would they find some more information about you.

MS: Online at Mokshayoga.com and our Facebook page- great way to get up to date information on everything going on here!

JT: Thanks to Markus, this has been a great interview- we love it down here and we’re so glad we were able to bring the cameras down here today. For more information go to the website and of course you can get in touch with us and we’ll get you down here for a class!