Today we are at one of our favourite places in town to get a gourmet meal, old school cocktail, or a fantastic glass of wine. Come behind the scenes at ON THE LAM, Gourmet + Raw in downtown Brantford.

JT: Tell us a little about your restaurant.

GS: Welcome to On The Lam- we're a quaint 32 seat restaurant. The menu changes all the time, we focus on fresh flavours, seasonality, and creativity. That goes for the drinks as well - good wines, and good times!

JT: You guys are known for fresh, gourmet, raw food - what's your favourite thing on the menu?


GS: I love oysters, I could eat those any day. I like the raw dishes, raw meats, raw fish, because they are all prepared fresh - they just have to be very fresh and high quality.

JT: This is the best steak in Brantford, in my opinion.

GS: I agree.

JT: So, you're Brantford born and raised, but you could have chosen anywhere to open your first restaurant. Why did you choose Brantford?

GS: I've worked all over, and was in Toronto a lot - there was nothing like this in Brantford, so we wanted to bring this kind of thing to Brantford. We did it, and it's been going well ever since.

JT: I heard you make (infuse) your own in-house liquors?

GS: Yeah! I make homemade fireball whiskey, apricot brandy, and random, weird stuff I come up with.

JT: And you focus on classic, old-school cocktails...

GS: That's right. Old school.

JT: And you a flair bartender as well, right?

GS: Ha, I dabble.

JT: How does someone find out more about you or make reservations?

GS: You can make reservations at 519-756-5177, recommended on weekends, or through the website

JT: And where should we follow you on social media?

GS: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter... and check out our new space opening soon - I'm gonna plug myself here - it's The Rope Factory, a big event space, concert hall, wedding hall - we are going to do it all over there.

JT: If you like what they are doing here at On The Lam, if you've been here, you're going to love what they are doing with their next project.

GS: Exciting stuff coming!

JT: Let's say goodbye to Grant, and we'll catch you at the next business!

GS: Thanks!