JT: We’re here with Paul from PhotoHouse Studio- we hired him and his company to do some headshots for our real estate team and some family photos.

Tell us a little bit about your business!

PS: I own a photo studio here in Brantford, I do a lot of commercial work, weddings, portrature, headshots. I’ve been operating for 6 years professionally, 5 of those years here in Brantford, and I love it! Love every day of it- it’s great!

JT: So what’s your favourite thing to shoot? Weddings? People?

PS: It’s a tough question to answer because I love shooting pretty much everything, as long as I’m having fun. My aim is weddings and commercial work, I love those two things the most. Especially working with people on a day to day basis, is really a fantastic thing.

JT: So you said you’ve been in Brantford for 5 years- do you have a favourite location to take people?

PS: Lorne park where we are now, it’s a great spot. Lots of great big trees, lots of shade. also Glenhyrst is another great spot. We’re really fortunate in Brantford to have so many amazing parks, amazing green spaces, just amazing spaces to shoot! We’re really fortunate here.

JT: If someone wanted to get in touch with you or find out more about your company, book you for a wedding or headshots, where would they go?

PS: I have a website photohouse.ca, and I also a FB page @photohousestudio

JT: Perfect! Thanks a lot to Paul, we’re looking forward to putting these photos up on our website, and if you need some photography done for your family or your business we highly recommend him.