JT: Hey and welcome back! We are at Brelu food venue and market today - one of Brantford’s newest eating establishments. We’re here with Mike and Julie the owners. So excited to bring the cameras in here today ‘coz as you can see it’s absolutely amazing inside. Tell us a little bit about your business.

Julie: So we started Brelu a couple month ago. Brelu is, it’s the first part of Breakfast and the first part of Lunch. This restaurant is just a reflection of who we are. We’re professionally trained chefs, Brantford born and raised. Obviously we’ve traveled and had our education and what-not in the culinary world. And we just wanted to bring what we love to Brantford.

JT: Yeah, definitely. I mean, we’ve had some amazing meals here already. I know you guys really focus on not just cracking a couple eggs and frying up some toast, but everything is really locally sourced, freshly prepared. Tell me a little bit about that.

Julie: Well we’ve created some great alliances with local, for example we get cheeses, our ham and beef from Little Brown Cow just outside the city. It’s so amazing, we can go out there, we can visit the cows, we can tour the farm. We’ve built such a great relationship with them. 

JT: Wow.

Julie: And so that’s what we want to do, you know? We, we’re proud to put you know, good quality food on the table at reasonable prices.

JT: Yeah for sure, that’s the first thing that threw me away is that you get a very kind of gourmet vibe, and the food comes out really great looking, but then you check the menu prices and it’s not crazy here, right? Like, you could literally afford to come and eat breakfast and lunch here six days a week. Right, you’re open six days a week?

Mike: Six days a week, yeah.

JT: So, and we recommend that, definitely! Now, this place- as you can see, is full of character and style and when we were talking before the video, that’s really a reflection of your guys’ personal style, but I mean there is kind of a theme here. Tell me about the decorating and how this all came to be.

Julie: Well again, it’s what we love. The colour, we love art and creativity. You know, as a chef you’re a creative person, as a painter, whatever- we’re artists. And so just like the food, we wanted to create an environment where you walk in, it’s almost like your own dining room, you know? 

JT: Oh right.

Julie: Just like comfortable, colourful, there’s stuff to see everywhere. Everything in here has a story - from that old door over there, to the egg cups, to the chairs, to absolutely everything, we've had a hand in. Found, refurbished, re-touched, just put our, you know, love and flare on everything - and people love it.

JT: So if someone who hasn’t been here before, they want to find out a little more information, check out the menu, and maybe book a reservation for their whole family to come here for breakfast next weekend, where would they do that?

Julie: On our website.

JT: Yeah.
Julie: At BreluFoodVenue.com.

JT: Okay. And on Social Media we can follow you, see what’s going on. Where would we do that?

Julie: Yes.

Mike: Facebook.

JT: Yeah.

Mike: BRELU, all capitals. Or come see us at 153 West Street.

JT: Amazing. Well thanks a lot guys. I think it’s time for us to finish up our coffee’s and maybe have a little breakfast ourselves. And it’s definitely time for you and your family to get down here and check out Brelu across from the train station right here in Downtown Brantford. See you next week.

Mike & Julie: Thanks guys!