Tips On Selling Your Home

Should I buy first or sell my home first?

If you have been watching our weekly videos you know that NOW is an amazing time to sell your home for top price - in fact it’s the best time I’ve seen in my whole career.

Unless you can afford to own multiple homes, the biggest decision you need to make is: "Should I buy my next house first, or sell my current home first?”

If you find your dream home first without an accepted offer on your home, the sellers may not take your offer seriously or even entertain it at all. Over half of all homes are receiving multiple offers - and the seller will certainly choose a cash offer over one that has a home to sell. In addition if your offer does get accepted, you may still be kicked out at anytime buy a cash buyer - until your home is sold.

The solution is to put your home on the market first, and start shopping - if a buyer for your home comes quickly we can negotiate a longer closing to find your next home. The worst case scenario is that you become homeless - which is a big concern - however having your home sold and cash in the bank puts you in the best position to win as a buyer in this market

Every situation is unique, we'll designed a plan to protect your interests and put you in the best position possible to negotiate both your sale and purchase.

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How To Choose The REALTOR® To Represent You.

The 3 Things you should look for when hiring a Realtor

  1. Hyper-Local Market Knowledge - the biggest mistake I see people making right now is working with someone from outside of the area - real estate is all about local knowledge so by using an out-of-area realtor you are putting yourself at a huge disadvantage.
  2. Incredible Online Marketing Skills - EVERYONE looks for homes online. The way your home is marketed and promoted online is directly related to how many people are interested in it, how quickly it sells, and how much money you get
  3. Hardcore Negotiators.This is the most overlooked trait. A trained and experienced negotiator can get you more money, negotiate terms that are in your favour, and ensure your deals stays together.

Many people think that when the market is hot - who you choose matters less - in fact it’s just the opposite - when the market is operating in extremes (good or bad) is when you need an experienced professional the most.

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At What Price Do You Become A Home Seller?

In case you haven’t noticed - the market is really amazing in Brantford - many of the homeowners we speak with can’t believe how much prices have gone up. In fact an average home that was $250,000 just 5 years ago is now selling for $315,000.

My question for you is - at what price does selling you house make sense?

You see, the markets bring opportunities - and it’s our job to help you capitalize on them. I know you might not be ready to shove a sign in your yard and have your home all over the internet - but what if there was a buyer out there right now ready to offer you a price that’s to good to be true?

This is a map I made of the over 1,300 homeowner in Brantford who have a “Make Me Move Price” - we use this map to match home buyers with your home.

We put you on the list - and when a buyer is shopping in your area we give you a call - it’s that simple - no sign, no contact, just real cash buyers ready to pay your price.

Call/text or email to add your home to the list. 226-920-8280

When Is The Best Time To Sell?

The traditional answer is SPRING - but it’s only partially true....

The best time to sell is whenever the market conditions are in favour of the seller - for example - this past winter was a much better market for sellers than the spring of 2009 when the world was in economic collapse. Currently we are seeing some of the best conditions in the past decade for home seller. 

Record sale prices, bidding wars - conditions are incredible right now, but there is no predicting how long it will last. We recommend you do what our own team member Rebecca - just did. Take advantage of the conditions and sell your home for a record breaking price. If you are thinking at all about moving you need to speak with our team right now. Call 226-920-8280 - email me

How To Create A Bidding War

The Brantford real estate market is extremely hot right now with many properties receiving multiple offers and selling above asking price.

Last week two of our clients received multiple offer on their home including Steve & Becki in West Brant who got 8 offers in only 3 days. Here is the 3-step formula we follow to generate bidding wars for our clients.

  1. Detailed Pricing Research - when you get the price right it creates a sense of urgency that buyers must act now or this home will be sold (on the flip side - if you over-price your home buyers typically wait and watch for price reductions before making an offer)
  2. Massive Exposure - we don’t just put homes up for sale - we launch in a massive way using our online marketing channels. Our typically listing is seen by over 20,000 potential home buyers in the first week it's on the market.
  3. No Offer Allowed - this is the most important part - with your permission will do not allow anyone to make you an offer until all available buyers have a chance to see it - typically 3-5 days.

Combining all three of these strategies is how we are able to get multiple offers for our clients and sell their homes above asking price.